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Interwebs Coverage

Cu Plushie (Song of the Sea Fan Plush)

As a huge fan of the animation company Cartoon Saloon, I made a plush toy of their character Cu from the film, Song of the Sea. They loved how it turned out so much that I mailed it to them and posted it on social media, which was a tremendous honor.

Goat and a Pig Pillow Plushies

As a longtime fan of the television series Gravity Falls, I made and sent these two plushies to the show creator, Alex Hirsch, as an early birthday gift. He posted about it on his Twitter, which was genuinely so mind-blowing. The show was a huge influence on me with its impressive world-building and distinct characters so I wanted to send him my appreciation in pillow-form.

Haku Dragon Coverage (Chicago Tribune)

The dragon costume was only intended to be used for a few hours during my visit to the convention, to be mindful of my team who operated the costume with me. A reporter had seen us coming up the escalator and asked if we would like to be featured on their website for coverage of the event. We agreed and found this image uploaded to their website the following day.

Maurice the Dodo on Must Have Cute

A friend from college had really loved the dodo plushie I had made as an original character and submitted it to the Must Have Cute who later posted it on their website, drawing some attention to my Etsy.

My Little Animals Give-Away Plushies

I was contacted on Etsy by the site owners of My Little Animals. They had seen my work and wanted to commission me to recreate some of their characters into plush toys as part of a promotional giveaway to spread brand awareness. I kept them involved all aspects of the design process, tweaking my designs and patterns to better reflect the aspects of the characters they wanted to highlight the most.

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