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Plush Design

A fan art plush of the Gobblewonker sea monster character from the animated TV series, Gravity Falls.

A side view of Maurice the Dodo, one of my original characters based on the extinct bird species.

One of the larger versions of my original plush, this moth has over a 2 foot wingspan and is made of faux fur, minky, felt and fleece.

A small handheld version of my Honduran bat original character, Snowball.

A plush rabbit I made for my niece's first Christmas.

An original character plush of Twinkie Baybeh, a toxic spill combination of a jackalope and a Twinkie snack cake.

Fan art plush of the character Maromi, lying down as seen in the anime series, Paranoia Agent.

Fan art plush of the secondary character, No Face (Kaonashi) from the anime film, Spirited Away.

A fan art plush of the character Leland from the Dr. Tran animated web-series.

A fan art plush of one of the Deadbeats, side characters from the music video for "Ghost" by Mystery Skulls.

An assortment of previously sold plush including Waddles the Pig, Maurice the Dodo, Maromi and Nicholas the Narwhal.

My plush creations of several Gravity Falls characters including Judge Kitty Kitty Meow Meow Face-Shwartstein, Ducktective, The Gobblewonker and Xanthar.

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