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About The Artist

First selfie I’ve actually liked of mese
Me in Real Life
My Handheld Plush Counterpart

Hello and thank you for visiting my site! My name is Tracy Trauscht and I'm an independent plush designer, illustrator and podcasting enthusiast.

Originally teaching myself to sew as a kid, I've been making and selling my own plush toys since 2011. I began sewing because I was frustrated at never seeing toys made of the more obscure or weird characters that captured my attention. Using that drive, I learned how to make my own patterns by utilizing the skills I developed as an animation major. A geometric outlet for creativity that you can cuddle with? Uh, yes please. Sign me up!


With my innovative designs, I have had over 150 sales with numerous 5 star reviews, as well as selling at conventions and charity events. If you would like to commission an item, please feel free to contact me with your idea! Thank you!


Emerson College

Boston, MA

BA - Animation and Motion Media


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